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The Team You Can Trust to Secure Your Legacy
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The Andersen Firm
The Team You Can Trust to Secure Your Legacy
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The Andersen Firm
The Team You Can Trust to Secure Your Legacy
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Welcome to The Andersen Firm

An Estate Planning Law Firm Practicing in Estate Planning, Asset Protection and Estate Settlement & Probate

Why do you need an estate planning attorney? You have achieved success in life.  You deserve to maintain control of what happens to you during life and at death to provide stability for you and your family.

Imagine you are sitting on your cloud looking down at your family.  What do you see? 

We all hope to see harmony and prosperity, but that is not always the case.  Many families are left in a chaotic state when someone becomes disabled or a loved one passes away. 

Because you are here, our estate planning law firm knows you are on the right path to establishing a plan that will solve the problems that concern you and provide stability and prosperity for you and your family.

At The Andersen Firm, we believe estate planning is for everyone who loves family and friends.  We understand that estate planning is not just about death, but is equally about keeping control of your wealth and providing for yourself and those you love throughout your lifetime and beyond. Our President and Managing Partner Will Andersen and estate planning attorneys and legal staff are committed to guide you through the problems that concern you and strategically maneuver through complex issues or relationships and develop a plan that reaches the highest standards.  We believe estate planning is an everlasting expression of the exceptional and everything we do reflects our persistence and commitment towards the remarkable.

The Andersen Firm is an estate planning law firm serving clients from four office locations in the United States and the ability to work with clients globally.

Our Expertise

You Need an Estate Plan

As part of our long-term commitment to our clients, our estate planning process continues long after the paperwork has been signed.

Protect Your Assets For Future Generations

For some, putting an Asset Protection Plan in place is advisable to attempt to remove the economic incentive to be sued and also to try and increase the ability to force an early settlement in the event a suit is filed.

A Loved One Has Recently Passed Away

The process of Settling or Probating an estate can be difficult and emotionally painful for the family and loved ones of the deceased.

We Believe in
Creating Prosperity and Success

Our team of estate planning attorneys and staff are committed to provide legal services in a manner that delivers the Ultimate Client Experience in Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Estate Settlement & Probate. Welcome to our Estate Planning Law Firm.

Attorney Spotlight

Will Andersen

Will Andersen

President & Managing Partner

William “Will” Andersen works diligently with our clients and their financial advisors in tailoring estate plans that are tax efficient and most importantly, fitting to each client’s personal needs and objectives.


Attorney William E. Andersen, Esq The Andersen Firm

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