Doing More for First Responders & Healthcare Providers

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Doing more for first responders & healthcare providers


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FREE Planning for First Responders & Healthcare Providers

To show our sincere appreciation, we are amending our offer for FREE Healthcare Powers of Attorney for First Responders and Healthcare Providers.  In an effort to provide these high risk individuals with the peace of mind,  in addition to the FREE Healthcare Power of Attorney, we will also provide a FREE Living Will and FREE Financial Power of Attorney.  We are pleased to be doing more for first responders and healthcare providers and look forward to serving those who are fearlessly caring for so many during these uncertain times.

What is included and why do you need it?

Imagine that you are sick, but not only are you sick, you are also debilitated, meaning you cannot speak or move or possibly even think.  You could be in such incredible pain that you literally cannot speak.  You could be so ill that you can hardly breathe or need assistance breathing and are unable to communicate.  Who will communicate your wishes about your medical care to others?  Who will pay your rent and utilities and handle your financial needs?

  • The Healthcare Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you designate who will be your representative or agent if you are too ill or unable to communicate your wishes to others.  Basically, the healthcare power of attorney says, “I want this person to make decisions about my health care if I am not able to.”
  • The Living Will (also known as an advanced directive) comes into play when death is inevitable and provides instructions about the procedures or medications you want – or do not want – to prolong your life.   With your wishes in writing, there will be no confusion or disagreements among family members and you are saving your loved ones from having to make agonizing decisions about your medical treatment.
  • Financial Power of Attorney – designates who will manage your finances and handle your day-to-day financial needs.  If you are married, do not assume your spouse has that right.  A spouse would not be able to sell or transfer jointly owned property such as real estate and stocks or bonds.  Nor would they be able to manage retirement accounts or financial accounts titled in your individual name.  The spouse would have to petition the court to be appointed as your guardian. On average, guardianship proceedings take two or three months and with court costs, attorney’s fees and physician’s fees, can be quite costly.

The small print:

To qualify you must be a firefighter, police officer, EMT, paramedic, or employed in a healthcare facility and be a resident of Florida, New York, or Tennessee.  We are extending this offer and doing more for First Responders & Healthcare Providers through April 15, 2020 at which time we will review our ability to continue to provide this service.  Space is limited.  To get things started – BOOK A CALL.

While this service is not free to everyone, everyone should consider having these documents in place.  We encourage you to freely share this information!

During these uncertain times, your estate plan may also need a review.  Check out our blog post on the COVID-19: Making Estate Planning Decisions Now and ask yourself a few questions!

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