$5M left to Dog in a Pet Trust

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“She’s a good girl,” Lulu’s current caretaker said of the beloved canine.  What should be done for your pets when you pass?  Some people use Pet Trusts.  As did Bill Dorris of Tennessee:

One Tennessee man went above and beyond to ensure his beloved dog would be taking care of after his death.

When local businessman Bill Dorris died last year, he left a small fortune to his 8-year-old dog Lulu, according to WTVF. His will stipulated that upon his death, $5 million would be transferred to a trust for his border collie.

“I don’t really know what to think about it to tell you the truth. He just really loved the dog,” his friend Martha Burton told the outlet.

In addition to being Lulu’s current caretaker, Burton, 88, spent time with the canine whenever her previous owner was out of town on business.

“He always left the dog for me to take care of,” Burton added, saying admiringly of the pooch, “She’s a good girl.”

Despite the vast sum she’s inherited, Lulu isn’t pawing off with a briefcase of cash.

Per the will, Burton has been named as Lulu’s official caretaker — and any “reasonable” costs associated with the dog’s care will need to be submitted before being reimbursed.

Although the outlet didn’t specify what will happen to the remainder of the trust after Lulu’s death, Vanity Fair previously reported that any unused money typically gets left to an individual or charity.

As for what’s next for Lulu, Burton said she’s looking forward to making sure the dog is well-taken care of — and seeing how close the pair can get to using up the $5 million sum.

“Well, I’d like to try,” she jokingly told WTVF.

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Article from: https://people.com/pets/man-leaves-5-million-to-his-dog-in-will/


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