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Meet Our Estate Planning Attorneys

William Andersen
William E. Andersen View full biography of William E. Andersen
Attorney, Shareholder, Rated AV Preeminent
As the founder and President of The Andersen Firm, Mr. Andersen’s objective is to develop lifelong relationships with his clients, not short-term engagements. Bill treats his clients as friends because he wants them to be his friends and to count on him to do the very best for them. It is his goal and the goal of our firm to make estate planning, estate settlement and probate an easy, comfortable and enjoyable process to the extent possible. There is no greater fulfillment than seeing a client smile and breath a sigh of relief when all is said and done. The most important things he brings to this whole process–besides all the education, training, experience and knowledge—is being a good listener and explaining things in a simple, straightforward manner without all the legal language and process that can be so confusing.

  Randall Borkus  
Randall H. Borkus View full biography of  Randall H. Borkus
Attorney, Of Counsel
Randall H. Borkus is in the business of counseling ultra-high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs as well as their advisors in asset protection, business succession, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning arenas. Such individuals include closely-held business owners, venture capitalists, investors, lawyers, doctors and former professional athletes.

  James Collins  
James W. Collins View full biography of James W. Collins
Attorney, Shareholder
James W. Collins is an Equity Partner in The Andersen Firm. Jim places a high premium on the value of client–specific counseling and design of a unique plan for each client that will ensure the client’s estate plan works the way the client intends it to work, whether the client is alive and well, enduring a period of disability, or "looking down from a cloud" after life is over. The client in turn places a high premium on controlling, directing, and protecting assets during these same phases of life. The estate planning combination of clearly stated client goals and carefully counseled estate planning strategies becomes a powerful combination indeed.

  Bill Ensing  
Bill Ensing View full biography of Bill Ensing
Attorney, Of Counsel
Bill Ensing serves as “Of Counsel” to The Andersen Firm, and brings over 25 years of experience in structuring complex, integrated wealth transfer and protection strategies for clients with a heightened level of concern for the preservation of wealth from unwarranted creditors. Bill's clients are worldwide and come from, and are engaged in, every facet of business, professional practice, and avocational pursuit. Over the years, Bill has implemented structures that have provided his clients significantly greater peace of mind that their wealth will be protected to the greatest extent possible from an increasingly litigious society, while retaining the ability to transfer their wealth as desired.

  Tom Luken  
Tom Luken View full biography of Tom Luken
Attorney, Of Counsel

Tom Luken has been engaged in the private practice of law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1973 in his own firm serving a variety of clients including corporations and individuals.  He maintained a diverse practice with a heavy concentration on litigation.

  Victor Medina  
Victor Medina View full biography of Victor Medina
Attorney, Of Counsel
Victor Medina is the managing partner of Medina Law Group devoting his practice to estate planning, helping parents and grandparents leave their wealth to whom they want, when they want them to have it, and in the way they want. His clients include seniors, young families with minors, families with special needs children of all ages, entrepreneurs with business considerations, and established families with dynasty goals. Victor’s philosophy of estate planning is based on a forward-thinking approach that focuses on passing on more than just financial wealth, but also spiritual, emotional, and intellectual values.

  Joleen Searless  
Joleen Searles View full biography of Joleen Searles
Attorney, Shareholder
As an Army Brat, Joleen Searles grew up all over the world—Texas, North Carolina, California, Japan, Alabama, Virginia, New York, Germany and the list goes on. She thinks all that moving around made a positive impact on her because it taught her to relate well with people no matter whom they were or what their backgrounds were.


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